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'I made many friends' says Lei Wu

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Studying English at EC was a good choice for me. As I compare my English as it is now to before I came to the UK, it has improved dramatically.
When I was in Japan, I only knew English grammar and easy vocabulary. After my first exam, I recognized that my English was terribly limited. However, my teachers helped me and showed me how to study and enjoy it. In many of our lessons we played games, that’s why the lessons were really interesting.
Moreover, the school’s activities were quite helpful for me. When I joined ‘the international food party’ with my friends we cooked our traditional food in our country and shared it with the other students. At that time, I was talking with a lot of different nationalities. Usually, I am quite shy and I find it difficult to talk to other people but after that activity I made many friends and felt very comfortable in the school. Although it is believed by many that EC’s tuition is quite expensive, it is worth paying it as you can learn good English and enjoy your life in the UK.

Lei Wu

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