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Diego shares his feelings about EC Bristol!

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Diego Meschini, who can speak French, German and English amazingly well, is currently studying at EC Bristol and would like to express his feelings about EC Bristol school.

Diego and his mate Jeremi in Bristol

At the beginning I was just sure about the fact that I wanted to improve my English in the UK. Some friends of mine told me that Bristol is a lively city and after having been living here for 2 months I can’t agree more with that definition!

Not only the city itself is really enjoyable, but also the school is interesting and really useful. The fact that lessons start at 9 o’clock and finish at 14:30 allow to participate at plenty of activities and trust me when I say that this is the best way to apply what you learn in the classroom.

Now I’m in the CAE class and every time I learn something new, the teachers are following me in every moment and if I don’t understand something I just have to ask, for a precise answer. Of course there are homework to do and tests to pass, but as always, if you follow the rules everything is possible.

In conclusion, I want to mention the most important thing, the ambience in the school is unbelievably fantastic and the staff is always interested about the fact that in the accommodation everything is fine. They provide a solution for every issue (if there’s one). Every day I’m in contact with other students and I have the opportunity to learn about their countries and habits, we go out together and every day is a good day to share new experiences.

In Bristol during the Rugby World Cup 2015


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