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'I can highly recommend EC' says Mariana

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Mariana Carvalho comes straight from Brazil. She chose the city of Bristol to study and improve her English. Read below her great feedback about her experience in Bristol.

Marianna at the Manchester Stadium

I’ve been on Bristol for almost two months now and all I can say is that it has been a fantastic experience.

The school, the people, my host family and all the great places nearby that I have visited already.

The difference between learning English in your own country or in an English speaking one is huge. You can learn all day, not only at school and you’ll be able to learn more about yourself, changing into someone more confident and responsible by being far away from home.

When it comes to school, I can highly recommend EC, not only because of the learning itself, that is great by the way, but also because of the trips to many different places where you can go in a big group and have a great time with all of them.
The latest trip was to Manchester and Liverpool, it couldn’t have been better. We all had a great time on the streets, at the tourist spots, museums and at Old Trafford, obviously.

All I can say now is that there will be difficult moments in your day to day life. You’ll miss your family and friends but after a while it gets better. Enjoy your stay because some of your best memories can be made during your time abroad.


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