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My experience in Bristol by Francisco

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With a few weeks before the end of my English course in the city of Bristol in the UK, I’d like to say and explain how I have felt during the last 6 months.

This amazing experience started on 29th June 2015. I’ll never forget my first day at EC Bristol!

At first, I was a little bit nervous and anxious but after a few hours I realised that it would be an amazing experience, here, in EC Bristol because they have very good teachers and cool activities so that it is enough to learn and to set a good English level.

I started with a poor English level, but I think that my speaking skills have improved a lot. However, I think that my grammar skills have improved the most. Also, I have made a lot of progress in the listening and writing parts.
Fortunately, not all has been studying, I also have had the opportunity of traveling around the UK and Europe, I have visited amazing countries and that makes me happy because I love traveling.

Finally, I will go back home to continue studying business administration and to create my own business with my family. For this reason, English is very important so I’m going to be grateful to EC forever.


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