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A quick word from a former student and intern at EC Cambridge

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Elena Loginova was a student with EC Cambridge on two occasions and then had an internship at the school helping out in Customer Services. Heres a few words from her about being a student and an Intern at EC Cambridge….

The first time I came to EC Cambridge was in 2011. It was a beautiful April and also it was my first time in England. I studied at EC for 11 weeks, during which I met a lot of interesting people and improved my English a lot. My level increased from Elementary to Pre Intermediate.

I returned to Cambridge again in the summer of 2012, this time studying 8 weeks. When I finished this course my level was Upper Intermediate. As you can see my time at EC was pretty good already but I wasn’t finished yet, so I decided to do an Internship at EC Cambridge. This was for 10 weeks. I was helping Mike deal with the students by sharing my knowledge with them about Cambridge, its facilities and its environment. I believe this helped student’s feel comfortable as being a student myself at one point, I know how complicated being in a new city can be. I was answering a huge amount of questions and at the same time making new friends.

What I should tell you is that my experience working and studying at EC was tremendously useful and positive as well as my time in Cambridge in General.

Cambridge is a very friendly and safe city filled with students from the UK and all around the world. The teachers are amazing! There is so much History in Cambridge and a lot of opportunities. You never find yourself bored and abandoned unless you want to be of course, as here there are many people looking for friends exactly like you are.

To sum up, don’t be doubtful, hesitant, shy or unsure about studying at EC Cambridge, come and join us to see what a great experience it is!



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