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Movie Review: The 11th Hour

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“The documentary talks about our planet which has been suffering extreme climate change because humans abuse it.

We take a lot of things from the earth and a lot of the time we dont need to. The people are ambitious- the world is looking for money and how to make more money. Each country, each person, fights for the best economy, the best status, because consumerism is fashion so the capitalists are worried about just money & is not  worried about the environment.
People make money with natural things but don’t want to look after it. People talk about global warming and what a terrible thing it is, how the temperature or conditions of the world are changing and we are looking for a solution for how we can stop global warming. But earth is not in danger, we are in danger.  The world has been changing and has been existing for million of years and has had different kinds of life.
The worst enemies are ourselves so we must think about what do we want and what can we do to survive.
Definitely the point is that if we want to live for more time we must change our lifestyle.”

Nallely Hernandez from Mexico

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