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Camping Safari Weekend

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Last weekend Cor and 16 students went camping in a game reserve just 2 hours from Cape Town.
Student Anna Rapp, from Sweden, reports on the weekend:

I’ve realised, after one weekend in the bush, that it is something I should do more often. I felt dirty and alive without taking a shower and without using electricity for two and a half days.
We began our weekend in front of an open fire, with a glass of wine in our hands, at the same time we were watching the sunset. The atmosphere was everything but hectic and it was not so much to complain over.

We continued our camp saturday morning with a breakfast followed by a game drive through the bush.  We saw all the animals we expected, so we could easily go back to our camp satisfied.

Add some more wine, two hours cooking over an open fire and lots of fun and you got a picture of our Saturday evening. The time passed midnight and we were still sitting around the fire, with a full moon over us. The time also passed two and some people were happier than others. Once again: nothing to complain over!

This kind of activity is a perfect contrast to your standard weekdays. And if you feel good out there, in the bush, I promise you that you will feel even better when you are back home again!”



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