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The Longstreet race

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It is summer in Cape Town and the weather is awesome! There is no better time than now for students to take to the streets of Cape Town to mingle with the locals while practicing their English. The High Intermediate class and Pre Intermediate 3 class joined forces for this excursion and worked together in pairs in order to find out information from from local Capetonians. Some of the things they needed to find out were how many wives the President has, how many languages are spoken in South Africa and how to greet someone in any of the languages spoken in South Africa. It was great fun and it was wonderful to see all of the students conversing confidently in English with native speakers! Here are some photos of that awesome day!
P2072053 P2072055 P2072057 P2072060 P2072062 P2072063 P2072064 P2072065 P2072067

Nicola – Teacher

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