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Advance student, Pierrick Dupuy
Advance student, Pierrick Dupuy

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC

It’s lovely to see that on any given day, our Listening Centre is packed with students. One of our Advance students, Pierrick Dupuy is a regular in the Listening Centre and recently read a captivating book titled, The Enemy. This is what he had to say about it:


 “The Enemy” – Thumbs up from Pierrick!

The Enemy is a detective novel which combines genetics, spying, mathematics, and politics: it shows the skills of an ingenious author perfectly.

The action takes place in England but quickly, protagonists will carry the reader to foreign countries, perfectly described by the writer’s hand.

Thanks to the complex personality of the actors, suspicion is permanent: who’s who, and why are they behaving like that?

The Enemy is immersed and fascinating, with a perfectly structured (but totally accessible!) plot.

I strongly advise it for “High-intermediate“, “Upper-intermediate” and “Advanced” students: Nine times out of ten, readers will love it!

~Pierrick Dupuy, Advance

Look out for "The Enemy" in the Listening Center.
Look out for “The Enemy” in the Listening Center.
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