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The Wonder of Words!

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by Sheetal Makhan / AYC

As a writer myself, it gives me an absolute thrill to be able to unleash a creative spark in the students I meet. I have recently been working with a few students on creative pieces.

They are encouraged to:
1) “Think out of the box”
2) Write against the clock (15 minutes)
3) Spend 5 minutes reviewing their work – checking grammar, spelling etc…
4) Making their stories come to life with endless possibilities of twists, turns and magical words

This morning I was blown away by two of my AY student’s writing. It is vital to note that these pieces were timed (20 minutes) and they didn’t use a dictionary. When I come across such gems, I want to share it with the world – which is the purpose of this post.

As their AY tutor and recent writing mentor, my heart is simply beaming with pride. Enjoy 🙂

Yank Lai, Upper Intermediate
Yank Lai, Upper Intermediate

Prompt: Write about yourself as a 10-year old child

Looking Back
by Yank Lai (Taiwan)
Level: Upper Intermediate

I am 10 years old. I am enjoying extreme happiness in my life. At least, I have been thinking…

Not only can you often see your parents and close friends. Also, you don’t have any stress at this moment. You can do many things. You can be a dreamer and do everything you can imagine: You can cheat girls, stealthily kiss her and confidently escape. You can fight with your best friends and after half an hour you are playing together again. There are no rules in paradise.

Wait! Don’t forget – you have a charitable grandmother who always gives you what you can imagine. My parents are shouting at me, but I can hide behind my private protector and peek with a smile at my parents.

I would really not like to grow up. I want to try to grasp everything and hope it won’t change.


Mohamed Algantri, Intermediate

Prompt: Describe how you would like your life to be in ten years time

My Light
by Mohamed Algantri
Level: Intermediate

Actually, I have many plans in my mind.

Firstly, I would like to be a famous pilot I want to be intelligent, optimistic and self-confident. I will be ecstatic when I have made all my dreams come true. So, I want to work in a massive company and I would like to earn a lot of money in my job. I want to travel all over the world. I want to be like a falcon. I want to fly. I want to feel free. then, I would like to be someone who is hard-working, because my family told me that they want to see me as a famous pilot – lively and reliable.

When I hear something like that, I feel strong. I will fight to get my dream.

After that, I will get married to my princess. We will live in a castle and have two children. I want to live my life as a warm person. I want to be happy. Also, I would like to be a teenager. I will think just about love – play – dream! I want to be an amazing man and a wonderful father for my family. I want to be like fire for my wife and I want her to be like water. 

I love life. I don’t want to think or feel angry. I would like to delete this adjective in my life. I want to say goodbye to my sadness and tears.

I want to die after I would be a father and I want to see my family. Then, I can die after when I was a pilot, with my children, wife and parents.

I will be ambitious all in my life and I will love and think under the earth when I die, so my life, my blood for you…forever.


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