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My Sun & My Moon by English student "Mohamed Abogila"

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By Sheetal Makhan / Academic Year Coordinator

Mohamed reveals that his inspiration for this story came from the windy morning that Cape Town had today. His imagination has taken his writing to new heights and I’m really proud to share his latest piece with you! Well done, Mohamed 🙂

NOTE: This was a timed writing activity (20 minutes)

Photo by Sheetal Makhan
Photos by Sheetal Makhan

Prompt: Write about the first time that your father saw your mother

My Sun & My Moon
by Mohamed Abogila, EC English Language Student

My Sun is my father. He’s strong and powerful and he shines like the stars. He’s like a candle at night – always shining, kind, helpful and lively. Also, he’s like a fire and will hurt you if you touch him when he’s angry. The sun is a different type of light. It could be useful to see and at the same time it could be unuseful. Actually, I can’t live without him. The sun is also important for the life, plants, animals and humans. He makes me like fresh air…free. He helps me and he’s energetic. One day the sun felt alone and decided to find something to change his life. Suddenly, it was a raining day and the Sun escaped from the sky. After two hours, the Moon started shining with a massive, strong, attractive light.

The Sun (my father) decided to fall in love with my mother.
My mother is the Moon.

However, the Sun was looking forward to seeing the Moon every night and he chased her.

Like the Moon, my mother is strong, simple and optimistic. She’s open-minded, self-confident and strong-willed.

One day, my Sun (father) decided to shine at night to talk to the Moon.

“I want you in my life, but it’s dangerous.” (because he could die at night). Remember, the life of the Sun and the Moon have different ways to give light. The sun still decided to wait for the night to shine.

Anyway, after 5 hours, he was waiting and was joyful, proud, amused and excited.

Suddenly at 8pm, the Moon was in the sky and she realized something is coming to her. Then she recognized and saw the Sun coming. She was shocked and surprised. After one second, the Sun started shining in the sky and he said to the Moon (my mother), “I want you in my life.” The Moon replied, “How? Why?”

My father said, “Before I die, I will tell you I was waiting for you and you are my light. I’m strong, but not like you. Then he was shining in the sky and disappeared and was destroyed.

The Moon was the queen in the sky with a strong light.

The light from my father to my mother.

Mohamed is an Academic English Year 20 student at EC Cape Town


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