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My Decision, by Mohamed Abogila

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From Sheetal Makhan / AYC

When I wrote the prompt on the board this morning, I had no idea that I would get back something like this:

Writing prompt: She took a deep breath and said to her boss…

My Decision
by Mohamed Abogila

…I fell in love with you!

Her name’s Lara. She’s from Spain, 25 years old. She’s a teacher. Teach English Language. One day she fell in love with her boss. Her boss is Ian, from Cape Town. He works at a big school. He’s assertive, ambitious and serious.

Also Lara is ambitious and hardworking. She has been this school 4 years.

From the first day, Lara fell in love with Ian. He was strict with all the teachers and she’s a teacher.

Ian is a single person. Handsome and decisive and the same time Lara is pretty, energetic and sociable. Anyway she was love him and couldn’t tell him because he was her boss and he was serious.

Four years. Year by year. Month by month. Week by week. Second by second. She’s sensitive, but she could be patient…until this day.

Lara was thinking, “What can I doand how?”

One month was thinking and asking herself. She was afraid from her emotions and maybe she fell in love with a wrong person.

One day at the school Lara was wearing a perfect dress with a wonderful new look and she said, “I will. Life goes on and he’s my heart. If I get him or don’t.”

This day Ian was looking for his princess and he decided to get married, but he didn’t think of Lara because he thought, “She might refuse me.” He was looking for another woman. Lara heard that from another teacher.

After two months, Ian get married with another woman. Lara was in holiday and her friends called her and said to her, “Ian got married.” She was shocked…surprised and couldn’t control herself. She was asking, “How, when and with who?” Her friends tell her, “Come quickly now and we will see.”

Lara was coming after two hours.

She arrived at the school and was looking for Ian. Ian was waiting for her. He was joking, because when she arrived he was looking at her and said before anything, “I didn’t get married. You are my princess, my teacher and eyes.”

After two years they had one son. His name’s Lite.

Mohamed is an Academic English Year 20 student at EC Cape Town

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