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EC English Language Students volunteer at Rainbow Dreamers Project in Cape Town

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The Rainbow Dreamers Volunteer Project is a non-profit organization affiliated with EC that is dedicated to supporting children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa. Rainbow Dreamers is based in  KALKFONTEIN (“Chalk Fountain”), a Post-Apartheid Township initially designed by the previous South African government for the area’s local Working-Class people. Located at the foot of the Hottentots’ Holland Mountains and on the outskirts of Stellenbosch, Kalkfontein is a 40-minute-drive outside the Cape Town City Bowl. Today Kalkfontein is home to a union of mixed-raced (‘Coloureds’) and Bantu (‘Black’) Capetonians and also to African foreign nationals, generating a unique and diverse blend of cultures, languages and beliefs.

EC Cape Town students with kids from Rainbow Dreamers
EC Cape Town students with kids from Rainbow Dreamers

EC English Language  teacher Aaliya set up the Kalkfontein Volunteer Project in 2013, which was born out of the students’ sincere interest to meet and interact with local Capetonians.

Rainbow Dreamers Volunteer Project’s vision is to build bridges of friendship and contact between local Capetonians and international visitors and by doing so stimulate cultural awareness and social exchange and  inspire our local young minds to reach for their dreams just as our foreign friends are doing through their academic English programs in Cape Town.

Ophelie Almagro, one of our International volunteers reflected: ” It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to joining the Rainbow Dreamers Project again. These children love to learn and they are full of joy. They are very sweet and open-minded young kids with big dreams and big hearts! I loved it!”

Every Thursday Aaliya meets up with EC students interested in joining and volunteering and to get the opportunity to experience what a day in the kids of the Rainbow Dreamers Project lives is like. Even if it is just for a few hours, singing a song, telling a story or even just listening to what they have to say, it will not only expand their personal horizons, but will also help the students to see how fortunate they really are!

Are you interested in finding out more about volunteering opportunities at Rainbow Dreamers Volunteer Project?

EC English Language School also offers the option to do an Internship/Volunteer programme while improving your English. Make the most of your time studying in Cape Town by combining an academic English course with professional work experience that enhances your CV.


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Kalkfontein “Rainbow Dreamers” Volunteer Project
Kalkfontein Student Volunteer Project – “Rainbow Dreamers

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