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Watcha Up to..? Pamela Floriano

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What happens to our students once they’ve left our doors for the last time and fly off into the horizon? Many of our students have gone on to do some pretty interesting things with their lives, and studying English as well as the overall experience of living in a foreign country, has a great deal to do with their success.

Watcha Up To?” showcases past students and have them share with us what they’re doing at the moment.

Today we say a warm “hello to Pamela from Brazil. She describes her feeling about learning English the same way I describe what it feels like to be a teacher and to see development with my students on a daily basis. It’s simply MAGICAL 🙂

~Sheetal Makhan / AYC 


Pamela with her family in Brazil
Pamela with her family in Brazil

Hello, I´am Pamela Floriano from Porto Alegre, south of Brazil. I had been in Cape Town for six months. I started at EC Cape Town in February 2012 at Beginner level and finished at Intermediate level in August.

When I arrived in Cape Town I couldn’t introduce myself in English. After two or three weeks I was speaking with my classmates. It is so amazing.. is like magic – one day you don’t understand nothing, and in another day you are speaking in English with people from different countries. You feeling like have no limits to the communication. My boyfriend is Brazilian and traveled to CT with me. That was good in the beginning, because he knows more than me to speak English and help me learn every time when I was not in the school. But after some time is better to forget the native language just for the time when you want to learn a new language. When we think in English, it is easier to speak, write and read in English.

I´m a Journalism student in Brazil and know English is very important to my job and help me at university to read international articles. Nowadays, I’m organizing a trip to Cape Town with my parents. I want to show them how magnificent is the city and see again the teacher of EC Cape Town that were so striking to me.

See you soon Cape Town.

Pamela with her boyfriend, Douglas
Pamela with her boyfriend, Douglas

Pamela was an Academic English Student (Year 20)

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