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"What I got from EC Cape Town is still helping me"

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Because this was the first time I started studying another language, before I traveled to Cape Town I was somehow lost and I didn’t know what to do about my future. I just felt when I was studying at EC Cape Town that I really started to find what I wanted. With some advice from some teachers and normal conversation for one hour, it gave me something I needed to keep going.  So I went there (EC Cape Town) to learn English, but many things happened that changed my life and many peoples’ lives.

Ahmed and classmate with teacher Nurjaan at the previous EC Cape Town English Language school

What  makes me more confident in myself  is I was just having fun everyday and studying, but in my last week I heard many friends and even some teachers say that I changed their lives.  I thought I’m the only person. They changed my thinking about many things and changed my way in life but I found I changed many friends’ lives and my teachers too.  So just to know this, even if one person comes to you and he has a heart to heart talk and he says you changed his life!! That for sure will change your life too somehow.

Friends that play together, stay together at EC Cape Town English Language school

My best moment; I really can’t say one thing but if I have to, I’ll say when we went to Table Mountain and saw the sunset. That time I can’t describe. It is just great when you see the sunset time on one of the world’s wonders with great students and friends.  It was one of the best moments there.

Learning English at EC Cape Town English Language School  has its benefits, like our popular hikes.

Reaching the top of the mountain. This is the backdrop for EC Cape Town English Language school

Now I’m in China to learn Chinese and believe it or not what I got from EC is still helping me here. Like my English is helping me for Chinese level one because you need English in this level to understand fast. Or some words from my teacher are still in my mind: how you wake up every morning and try to love your day and go to class with energy. Many of these small details still help me not only in China, but in my daily life.

Learning English is not for the birds at EC Cape Town English Language school

I had the best time of my life!

Ahmed and friends share a moment at EC Cape Town English Language school

Ahmed was one of our Chadian students at EC Cape Town in 2013. I read his review about how EC had changed his life and the lives of so many others. I had to ask him to explain in more detail and within a few hours he had written this piece and sent photo’s. Thank you again Ahmed and we wish you all the best in China!

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