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Hello 🙂

First of all my name is Sandro. I am an average Swiss guy, searching for his passion and himself. I would not say I am special. Maybe sometimes I am strange or crazy but the truth is I am just an ordinary guy.

Sandro in Cape Town, being a bit crazy


Until 2015 I had never never been out of Europe. I’ve been to a lot of countries in Europe but, honestly, it wasn’t that special.

This is Sandro's family land in Switzerland


Images of Switzerland

So I went to Asia or more in detail; I travelled through India and supported a voluntary organization in Laos and Thailand. I could write a book about each country but I don’t want to bore you. After my trip I quit my job at the post office where I used to work for six years. Not because of my co-workers, no, because they are lovely people. I was just tired of the routine of everyday life. Three months later I was free and now I am in Cape Town. 


After two months of school and learning English, I will travel around South Africa by motorbike.

This is 'beauty' looking over the sea in Cape Town

This is the reason why I am writing this travel blog. I would like to share my experience and I would like to stay in touch with all the fabulous people I met here. So I will take you with me on my adventure. I hope you will enjoy my reporting and my thoughts.

Sandro is currently completing his studies at EC Cape Town

Sandro is currently learning English at EC English school in Cape Town


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