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Grateful for the opportunity at EC Cape Town!

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We asked Solaiman to tell us about his experience thus far in Cape Town

First of all, I wanted to study in the USA but I was refused a visa by the Embassy. I was so sad when they refused my visa and when my friends became aware of my situation, they suggested I study in Cape Town. So I took up the challenge and applied to study English in Cape Town. Then the story began. Actually I believed that Cape Town is an old city with high levels of  poverty. When I was looking out from the plane I saw this wonderful view from a high altitude and at that moment I felt like I’m in paradise.

Soliaman's first view of his new home for the next 6 months

On the first day in the new city, I had a few friends from home I met when I arrived in Cape Town and they invited me to have lunch at Ocean Basket, Waterfront.

Having dinner with some friends from EC Cape Town

On the first day at EC School I met friends from different countries who were full of energy and activity. After the class was dismissed, my classmates decided to walk around the vicinity of the school with our teacher and afterwards to the Waterfront.

Solaimans friends and teacher Mark from EC Cape Town

Solaiman and some the EC Cape Town students from all over the world

Some of the activities that I did was a visit to the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, which I found to be the most beautiful place I visited so far. I also visited  Muizenberg Beach, which I found suitable for surfing. I also participated in Paint Balling which was a great adventure and even got some shots too.

Kirstenbosch is one of the must-see  attractions and always recommended by EC Cape Town students

Solaiman even tried surfing. One of the popular activities in Cape Town and among our students

I have spent a great time in Cape Town and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been here. Some of my friends who have already left Cape Town were a part of my life here and I hope to see them soon.

Solaiman and his friends enjoying some time outside of class time. Here at EC Cape Town, we encourage our students to have a healthy social life and connect with students from different countries

Solaiman has been doing so well and is currently in Upper Intermediate. We are not sure if he will join one of the Exam courses (IELTS or Cambridge Exam Preparation here in Cape Town) . We have just started an 8-week and 4-week exam preparation course so stay tuned for further developments!!

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