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Our EC Dublin Blog is finally ready! If you are planning to learn English in Dublin, here you will find everything you need to know about our EC Dublin school, courses, social activities, academic posts to help you learn and much more. You will also hear from our own students about their experience in this wonderful city.

As a big part of the student experience abroad is exploring the city and interacting with locals, we’ll be also giving you plenty of tips on how to practise your English around Dublin, sharing the best places to visit in the city and special tips directly from locals to make sure you will have the BEST time of your life.


Students learning English in Dublin

Why study English at EC Dublin?

EC is a renowned English school, operating 25 schools in the most exciting destinations around the world, aiming to help students to succeed in the global community. This year, the school won the most prestigious honour at the 2017 StudyTravel Magazine Awards, after thousands of voters chose EC as the best English language school.

Our school aims to open doors for our students by helping them to improve their English. So whether your goal is to learn English in Ireland for your education, your career or just to have the time of your life, we will help you to achieve your goals.


Our facilities

EC schools are modern, comfortable and equipped with the latest learning technology. We understand our students will learn better when immersed in a relaxed and pleasant environment. At EC Dublin you will find free Wi-Fi, smart TVs, a student lounge, library facilities, students computers and much more.


Our courses

At EC Dublin you will find many different English courses for you to choose from, in order to attend our students’ needs – from the popular General and Intensive English to the unique English in the City and the more personalised, One-to-One classes. If education is your focus, we also have Cambridge and IELTS Exam Preparation. Visit our website to find out all our English courses in Dublin.


EC Dublin 30+

Our 30+ programme is exclusive at EC and is designed for students aged 30 years and over who wants to share their experience with like-minded people in a stylish, focused environment. Learn more about the EC Dublin 30+ programme.


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