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Adriana Indiana shares her experience learning English in Dublin

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Choosing a destination to immerse yourself in learning English abroad is not an easy decision. There are so many amazing destinations to chose from, with rich culture, beautiful landscapes and friendly people, but how do you select one that has a good combination of everything?

Dublin is a relatively small capital city, with a unique character, culture and entertainment that makes it an excellent place to learn English. The city is well-known not just for its greenery and beautiful landscapes, but also for having a relaxed and fun atmosphere full of friendly people, which will make your stay even more pleasant and enjoyable.

For these and many other reasons, Brazilian student Adriana Indiana decided to spend 6 months learning English in Dublin. Check out Adriana’s full feedback about her experience in Dublin and see why this city should definitely be on top of your list!

Learning English in Dublin…

Learning English in Dublin

Why did you choose to learn English abroad?

I chose learn English abroad because I’ve tried to study before in my country but was quite boring. We go to English class just twice a week and study for two or three hours and nobody speaks English with you, so I decided to study in an English country.

How long are you going to be studying in Dublin? Why?

I came here just for study English for six months, after that I decided to study again to improve my English, and I’m here for one year.

What are the advantages of studying English abroad? How can it help your career?

Living abroad… is not just learning a new language, it is like opening the mind to innovative experiences. Learning about other cultures, religions, many kinds of food, new friends around the world, and the most important to me is learning about myself.
I work with business and so it is important to speak English, so we can get nice jobs and high salaries.

Have you improved your language skills since you arrived?

Sure, I remember that I could not speak with Irish people because the accent was too difficult, now everything changed. I think I’ve improved my English since I arrived in Ireland, it is clear now to watch movies and listen music, for me it’s so easy hangout and be able to speak with English speakers.

Describe your experience in one word.


What’s your advice for anyone thinking about learning English abroad? 

You should to do it, at least once in your life. The world says thank you!

Talking about the city

What do you like the most about Dublin?

Small and friendly city, we can meet people from whole of the world.

What makes Dublin unique?


What are your favourite things to do in Dublin? 

I like to go out to meet friends and enjoying parks, clubs and pubs.

Could you share one of your favourite memories here with us?

Sharing what I love here in Ireland with new students every week is an incredible experience, because I learn every day something new about Ireland. I often say that I discover how my country is so different and I only found out after I became a host and met many people from all cities in Brazil and other countries in South America.

Ireland brings me a lot of memories but the best of them is the people, and what they share with me. There are many experiences about speaking English, but nothing is like surviving in a country that does not speak my mother language and living with so many different cultures, Ireland is not only Irish, it is Brazilian, Korean, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Mexican, Argentinian, Arabic, all of them makes Ireland a unique memory of incredible experiences.

How do you spend your weekends during your time abroad?

Studying, watching movies, during the summer I spend my time going to the beach, and visit other cities, Ireland is so small we can take a bus or train and go to other places in the same day.

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