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Dream of studying abroad? Try our Dublin English school

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Are you planning to study English abroad and take advantage of getting to know an English-speaking city? Among your possible destinations, there is Dublin, a city that you would like to visit and discover in depth. How can we disagree with such a great choice? This capital was able to define its identity truly in the 20th century. Dublin is the classic ‘best-kept-secret’ city. Divided into two parts by the River Liffey, it is recognised as one of the most dynamic and modern capitals of Europe. The extraordinary museums, galleries and countless theatres, bear witness to the great creativity of the city. This extraordinary ancient/modern union fascinates and charms all visitors.

The Irish sky awaits you at our English school in Dublin

Coming to study at our English school in Dublin will allow you to reach your desired level of English and, at the same time, discover a magical city full of character. With its lively old town and a large green, this city of about 600,000 inhabitants has always attracted everyone. Usually, when we hear about Dublin, we think of literature, theatre, the green cradle that inspired great writers like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and many others. Each of them has been able to give us, a unique version of the capital. If you love literature, books and especially writers, you cannot miss the Dublin Writers Museum which tells the literary tradition of the city until the 1970s. Another must-see stop is Trinity College, the inspiring ancient Irish university. Inside you will find one of the oldest libraries in Europe, built between 1712 and 1732, with the main hall known as the “Long Room”, 65 meters long with over 200,000 ancient volumes. In a shop window, you can admire the oldest harp in Ireland, made of oak and willow, an Irish symbol. The real jewel of the Old Library, however, is the so-called Book of Kells, one of great treasures of medieval Europe, an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin, containing four Gospels.

Learn English while having fun and participating in school activities

We now know that knowing English well, it will open many doors and make us say faster in the world of work, but how difficult is it to choose an excellent school? Precisely for this reason, our team has focused on professionalism and results. We are very committed to our students, we want their experience to be unforgettable and above all to have positive results in terms of English learning. In addition to the great offer of courses available, we also take into account the age and the different motivations that drive a person to enrol in an English course. In fact, at our school it is possible both to obtain official certifications such as the IELTS, TOEFL etc., and to undertake English courses that bring you closer to the company or that establish a relationship with the English-speaking business world. We try to do all this in a way that is pleasant and fun for the student, we organise activities and school trips with a didactic and at the same time playful purpose. We want the student to feel at home and reach their potential as quickly as possible. Put us to the test!

Our English teachers welcome you in well-equipped and comfortable classrooms

Thanks to a team of qualified and passionate professors, we can offer high quality and well-structured courses. Our school, in fact, provides you with classrooms equipped with everything you need, you will find updated material and a technology at the service of learning. Our English school is in Dublin city centre, close to many places of interest and easily accessible from our accommodation. Our manager and all the staff will welcome you and provide you with an unparalleled service. What else are you waiting for to decide and come to study English in Dublin?

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