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The Big Chill Festival

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Sun shining, music playing, friends laughing… it should have been the perfect weekend. Our friends who went the day before even took our tent and pitched it for us so that we could all camp together. The Big Chill festival last year was absolutely brilliant and we had been looking forward to this one ever since.

Unfortunately things didn’t quite go to plan. Having caught a cold the day before, we set off a little later than planned so that I could have a lie-in and hit traffic before we had even left London. The journey from south London to the festival site in the Malvern hills should have taken three hours. It took us five and a half. Not to be defeated, we smilingly trudged on and carried our backpacks the half-hour walk from the car to the campsite  to meet our friends. Once there I took a potentially lethal concoction of Nurofen (to help my worsening cold symptoms) and red wine then headed off for the main stage.

The festival site is truly the most beautiful I have ever seen. The campsite is high up on a hill so the view of the festival down below on the opposite side of the river that runs between the two is quite spectacular. The  whole place was full of twinkling lights, wish lanterns high up in the sky and brightly coloured flags.

The music was brilliant (we saw the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Pharoah Sanders, Spiritualised, Kathryn Williams, Friendly Fires and my favourite, Lamb, amongst many others) and the atmosphere was just fantastic.

Sadly my cold only got worse and sleeping in the tent was pretty awful. By Saturday night we had to abandon the whole thing and drive to a Travelodge hotel in Tewkesbury. Very uncool.

Here’s hoping that next year’s Big Chill will be much more successful for us!

Vocabulary Focus:

 pitched (to pitch) – (verb) to set up and fix in position, e.g. a tent 

trudged (to trudge) – (verb) to walk slowly and with heavy steps

concoction – (noun) a combination of ingredients to eat or drink

twinkling – (adjective) light that changes constantly from bright to faint

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