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Nice Japanese Places to visit in London!

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Are you a Japanese student at EC London who feels nostalgic of his home country? Or are you just a Japanese culture addicted person? You’re reading a post that might interest you! As i said previously, I love asian culture so much. I’ve been living here for almost three months and I often go in some Asian places that you might like. Here you can find a list of some of my favourite.

Japan Centre

Japan Centre is the best place to get…everything! I love it because it’s the only one place where I can get pieces of sashimi to make sushi at home. Since I love cooking japanese food, I’ve been there for the first time because I was looking for ingredients to make takoyaki (octopus balls), and I found everything there! I was so happy! Moreover you can buy also items such as anime and manga magazines, JLPT books, calligraphy stationary and so on.



Necco Japanese Bar

Located in Exmouth Market (Angel), it is a place that all the Japanese people might call kawaii (cute). The walls are pink, the waiters are very nice and friendly. Even the toilet is kawaii, with flowers everywhere. You can also buy items there and the price is medium high. I used to go there many times before moving in Archway because that was the only one place where i could eat takoyaki.


In the middle of Chinatown there are many touristic places where you can buy cheap Asian food but no one sells good Japanese taiyaki like this one. The place is very small but once you come inside you feel like being in Japan. You can listen anime soundtrack while you are waiting for your taiyaki. But what is it? When you watch Japanese anime, you always see them walking in the street eating a Japanese fish-shaped cake. The traditional one is filled with Japanese red beans but you can choose different flavours in this place. Last time I tried the peanutbutter and nutella one. If you choose the ice cram, you can also put some toppings such as angel wings, unicorn and so on.


In the middle of Covent Garden there’s one of the cutest shop I’ve ever seen. You can notice it by seeing a giant Pusheen plush toy in the showcase. If you love characters like Rilakkuma, Sumikko Gurashi, My Melody, Hello Kitty, this is the perfect place for you! They sell clothes, notebooks, tapes, plush toys, pens, pins, tableware etc. It’s just a paradise. I’ve been there so many times and in the last one I bought a pair of Rillakkuma slippers.

The Japanese Gallery

Now let’s talk about Japanese art! If you are Japanese art addicted you can’t miss this place. Located in Angel, it sells Japanese painting and storyboard stamps. The first time I’ve been there I saw so many Miyazaki films storyboards and i can’t resist to not by one of them. Here is a picture of Spirited Away storyboard I’ve got. The price depends on the size of the stamp (from 15 pounds to 99 pounds, more or less).

Holland Park

Are you in love with Japanese gardens? this is a nice place to enjoy a typical zen garden, with small bridges, stones and trees. It’s located in Nottingh Hill and resembles the atmosphere of the traditional capital’s gardens’ houses. It might be the reason why it’s called ”Kyoto Garden”. The first and only one time I have been there, I saw also some unusual animals like peacocks. they were so beautiful!

So these are my best Japanese places in London. But I think there are so many of them that an article isn’t enough. I have been in London so many times even before I start the internship a EC London but this city is so huge and has so many events. That’s actually one of the many reason I love London. You never stop to discover it.

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