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Top Tips for Success on the CELTA

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Our London CELTA course requires hard work, but will also be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have. In order to be successful on the course, we have some top tips for success:

  1. Be organised

The CELTA course will be a steep learning curve for many, particularly if you don’t have teaching experience. However, it will be so much more manageable if you stay on top of things. Organise your documents into files on your computer. Ask your tutors for advice on this at the beginning of the course. At EC London, we include this advice in the course handbook so you can do this before the course starts. Keep the course schedule in an easily accessible place and check it regularly. Highlight your deadlines and plan when you will work on your assignments. Also think about scheduling in time to relax too! Make a to-do list so you don’t forget what to do and tick these off as you go.

  1. Listen to your tutors

Your tutors are experienced teachers who know what they’re talking about. Their feedback is designed to help you make progress on the course, so focus on this and that is the key to success. You will also have tutorials at different points of the course to guide you. If you really can’t meet a deadline, talk to your tutor about what to prioritise.

  1. Work as a team

The CELTA course is not a competition amongst you and your peers. Working together as a team with your fellow teachers will be a positive and fulfilling experience. You are all in it together. Listen to each other, support one another. Start a WhatsApp group so you can stay in touch if you have a question. You may even make friends for life!

  1. Try not to be a perfectionist

There’s no such thing as a perfect lesson. Don’t get stressed if things don’t go exactly as planned. In fact, we often learn more when things don’t go exactly as we want. Your tutors are not expecting perfection, just try to make a little progress as you go. Even experienced teachers reflect on how to do things differently. The course is developmental and a chance to try things out. Your teaching practice students know that you are teachers-in-training and are cooperative and will support you too. Remember: no one ever died because their CELTA lesson wasn’t the best lesson ever!

  1. Look after yourself

It’s important to take care of yourself. Don’t sit at your computer for too long. Get up and go for a walk, do some exercise and eat well. Sometimes going for a walk can clear your mind and give you a burst of energy to make you more productive when you sit back down again. Remember to get enough sleep. If you have too much on your mind before bedtime, make a list of what you need to do the next day so you don’t forget and then you’ll know you can do it the next day instead.

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