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Meet ECLA's Student Ambassador, Aydin!

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Hello! I’m Aydın from Antalya, Turkey. I’m 23 years old, newly-graduated agricultural engineer. Since 6th May, I’m in LA. When I first came, I was really excited, getting used to this place was unexpectedly easy. People in here helped me with everything I needed. It took only a week then I’ve started to make most of it. If you need any help (about activities, shopping, ECLA life, life in LA, travelling etc), please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer your questions. As everyone will agree with that English is mostly-required-language all over the world. For me, i need to learn that to get more extensive business contacts. Learning English in EC is really enjoyable. Classes are very joyful and teachers are so friendly. You can always talk to them and they’ll assist you. Although studying is the main reason to be here, we should also have good time since we’re here! I can introduce myself as a beer expert, trying to taste different kinds as many as I can find, anyone who wants to join me will be welcomed. Besides there are lots of activities in EC which you should join; indoor/outdoor, BBQ, sportsday, surfing classes and trips (to Las Vegas, San Fransisco, San Diego..) Your experiences will be unforgettable!

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