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Christmas in LA

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“Christmas In L.A.”
(feat. Dawes)

Woke up, the sun streaming in my room
Warm beach from palm December afternoon
You close your eyes
Another year blows by
Somewhere in the wind
Just another lifeMy parents sent a Christmas card and then it’s true
We understand you’re staying
And we’re proud of you
There’s a well-rehearsed disinterest in the atmosphere
I don’t know if that’s what this time gave me
Or if it lead me hereAnd I played so many parts
I don’t know which one’s really me
Don’t know if I can takeAnother Christmas in L.A.
Another pitcher of Sangria
In an empty beach café
Another Christmas in L.A.
Hold me tighter Carmelita
I don’t know how long I can stayLeft a girl behind in my old man’s truck
Sometimes I wonder where she ended up
Maybe she got married, had a couple of kids
Who do you think you’re fooling man?
Of course she didI’m walking in that tennis bar
Try and talk with Harry Bean
I don’t know if I can takeAnother Christmas in L.A.
Another casting call on Thursday
For a job that doesn’t pay
Another Christmas in L.A.
Another burnout in a tank top
It seems your basket is the case
A fat protagonist in flip flops
With an extensive resume
From Echo Park to CatalinaDreaming of a white Christmas
The one I used to know
Tree tops glisten, children listen
To sleigh bells in the snow

Another Christmas in L.A…

That is the brand new Christmas song by The Killers. The weather this Christmas is similar to the ones that have passed years before. It is a sunny 73 degree Fahrenheit (or 23 degree Celsius). Many stores are still open for last minute shoppers…It is just another day in LA…The freeways are still very busy and many people are still working. But that’s also the beauty of LA, especially for visitors/tourists. You can still go out, enjoy the things that you would on the other 355 days of the year!
Being away from home can be tough…especially during Christmas when many would often gather around with their family and celebrate the occasion. But many of the people that live in LA are not originally from LA, and may be spending the holiday away from home. That’s why you should go out on Christmas! It’s not hard to do so and it’s the best way to meet new people and not feel so alone!
This Christmas, our student services counselor, Paula, and our interns, Nozomi and Alex, visited the Hollywood Sign and Hollywood and Highland! And as expected, there were many people around and many of the shops were opened! Check out the pictures below!
photo 2
photo 1
photo 4
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