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Student Interview with Sulaiman!

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Hi Sulaiman, tell me, why did you decide to study English in Los Angeles?

Because my uncle had studied in Los Angeles when he was younger, and he recommended this city. He said that it was good for studying and the people are very nice. But he didn’t tell me how expensive it is!

And what will be your best memory of your time here in Los Angeles?  

Before I came here, I thought that Americans had certain biases towards people from Saudi Arabia. I was extremely surprised when I arrived here and realized how open and friendly everyone is and how diverse it is here. I can talk to Korean people, Brazilian people, Japanese people, European people, and it is amazing how well everyone gets along.

Do you think that your English has improved? 


Really? I feel like it’s improved a lot!

Well, when I first arrived I was much more shy. I don’t feel like it’s improved very much, but I do talk more now.

Well, I feel like your English has been getting better and better every day!

Thank you.

Alright, describe one or two of EC’s strengths.

The teachers. Well, some of the teachers. I like that the teachers challenge me a lot and they make me work harder, they also make sure that I really understand something before they move on to the next thing. At the beginning it was so hard and I didn’t like it, but now I appreciate it very much that they pushed me to work hard. I also like that I get to study with a lot of different teachers every day. It’s not boring like other schools where it is the same thing every day with the same teacher. It’s exciting because I have different teachers every day.

What advice do you have to give to students who are thinking about studying in Los Angeles?

Don’t be shy! Talk to a lot of people. Everyone is very nice and friendly.

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