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“Jom reab suar”! (Hello in Khmer)

On this post, we would like to explain about the rest of the events during Cambodia week.

Wednesday was Crazy Hair Day and Fro-Yo Fundraiser day. Our special guest Ileana chose her top 3 favorite hairstyles!

We would like to thank all of you who entertained us with their crazy hair.  It was fun seeing teachers giving a lecture to students with crazy hair 🙂

Ileana Constantini hair
How cool Ileana’s hairstyle is!!


EC LA event
Looks like the staff is enjoying more than students…??


Fro-Yo Wednesday!!!

We would like to appreciate Planet Smoothie/ Tasti D Lite for cooperation.

Planet Smoothie/Tasti D Lite agreed to give 20% proceeds of our purchase to our schools in Cambodia 

Tasti D Lite
Students enjoying their Fro-Yo


We finished Cambodia Week with our main event HOLLYWOOD PARTY!!!!

We had some Cambodian food such as fried frog, and it seems like many students liked it. We also had an award ceremony, games, photo booth, and Raffle with Prizes. The grand prize was Ileana’s Hair Demo so a student who won the prize got her hair done by Ileana.

Take a look at some cool pictures of Ileana and winners of the prize.



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