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EC Malta Alumni Corner: More from our Junior Students…

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Name: Ezginur Demirbaş, Turkey

“Last year in Malta it was the best holiday of my life. I can’t forget I loved it so much and I have been in Malta 3 times of course with EC. It was like I was in my home, the leaders were friendly and funny and I made a lot of new friends (which are still my friends). Malta’s atmosphere is really good and I easily improved my English. I have seen and been to beautiful beaches and I like all of them (especially Comino) and the nightlife was good also. So when we were improving our English on the other side we were having fun too. I have been to America and England to learn English but I didn’t enjoy it as much as Malta. Everybody should go there.”




Name: Kinga Gimesi, Hungary

“Malta was really beautiful, I really loved it, I loved the people, I knew a lot of people, made new friends. We had cool leaders, and we had good programmes, and the school was great too. My best experience was badger carting, because I won 2nd place.”




Name: David López Martín, Spain

“My experience at EC Malta was more interesting that I thought it would be. I met a lot of people of different countries and also the leaders. The relation with the leaders was fantastic, because they are so friendly and it’s fun staying with them. I really recommended all who want to go to Malta and they should try to go.”




Name: Dani Torma, Hungary

“I was in Malta for 2 weeks, but I really think that my English improved a lot. The Leaders and helpers were immensely nice, and I enjoyed my stay there. I think about it every day, because I had a lot of fun especially at international night parties, they cannot be forgotten. And by the way, I want to go back!”





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