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“I am an EC student since the beginning of June and my experience until now has been very positive.  I was a bit afraid of my English level because I want to prepare my CAE test for August, but now I feel comfortable.  The reason is that I have been improving day by day since I arrived,   because EC has very good teachers, but also because the school always provides new ways to meet people from very different countries with funny and interesting activities.  Actually, having friends from different countries and to meet them outside the school is the perfect activity to practice and have a good time.  In addition, in Malta you can join a different plan every day so I’m sure nobody will get bored.  Everybody enjoy the beach and the party but the best for me is sightseeing with your friends, as every time is possible to find a new discovery from the magic island placed in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  Moreover, if someday you’re tired and you don’t want to move, just take a film or a book from the library.  You will enjoy while you’re improving your English.  To conclude I would like to recommend The Cambridge ESOL Summer Course at EC Malta to everybody because they help you to get a very good English level through their good lessons, but also, with their funny activities, which let you meet new people every day.”

Susana Martin Marti from Spain


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