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The Power of Dreams by EC Malta student Alyona Pichugina

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Everyone dreams – every single night and yet we tend to know so little about our dreams. The lecture given by Amalie Pisani helped to widen our look in this field. To begin with, unfortunately no one knows for sure why you dream, but psychologists distinguish between 10 types of dreams. I got interested in “Lucid Dreams”. In these dreams the sleep is actually aware that they are in dream state. The dream is so vivid, it seems real and characters will often be greatly exaggerated. Moreover, I was impressed to hear about “Mealing Dreams”. These kinds of dreams represent situations from the past and daily living. These dreams represents will often occur at times of stress or when important decisions arise. The next one is “Reccuring Dreams”, repeating dreams are signs that we are not paying attention to the message given. As such ignoring the messages can lead to unresolved issues in our waxing lives.

The second part of lecture was giving information about the famous psychologists studying dreams. Sigmuned Freud gave a definition of the term “superego” – the reason you struggle to remember your dreams. Carl Jung noted that men and woman have the same universal meaning of dream symbol s and called it “collective unconscious”. The last one was Frederick Perris, he believed that dreams Carl Jung noted that men and woman have the same universal meaning of dreams contain the rejected, disowned part of the self, in his opinion every character and every object in a dream represents an aspect of the self.

Finally, the lecture was answered on the most important things which everybody should to know about drams. Perhaps, everyone dreams every night and people usually dreams in color, in fact if you drink alcohol you dream less. Even dreams from the time come true. In furthermore he dreams never make you walk or talk in your sleep and if you dream about death it never means so that something terrible is going to happen.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this lecture was useful for everybody.

By Alyona Pichugina – EC Malta ELTS Course


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