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EC Malta offers TOEFL Preparation Course

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If you need to evaluate your proficiency in English to enter University, get permission to live in a native English country or prove your ability to communicate in English to get a job, the Test of English as a Foreign Language – popularly known as TOEFL – is a good alternative for you. TOEFL is an internationally recognized certificate, which measures the knowledge and ability of non-native speakers to communicate in English in a proficient way.

However, the TOEFL test requires more than just academic skills, it is also in the required to learn some strategies as well as techniques, to do the test with efficiency and in time. For these reasons, EC Malta offers a TOEFL Course in Malta with all the support that students need to do the exam with confidence and to get the best results!

According to student Anna Arteeva, from Russian, the TOEFL Exam Preparation Course at EC Malta helped her to get ready to the test, “I decided to take the TOEFL exam because I want to enrol at a university abroad. Since I joined the Preparation Course, my speaking and listening have become better. It gives me good strategies and the diagnostic tests they give enable us to refine and develop”.

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During the course

The TOEFL Preparation Course involves a weekly practise in all skills required: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. At the beginning of the course, the student will have an individual chat with the teacher to set up plans and goals. During the preparation the student will be able to see their process by feedbacks given from the teachers.

In addition, practice exams and quizzes are constantly given in class; helping students to see their improvement as well as their weak points. As a result of it, the student will build their confidence and decide which strategies give them the best result on their progress.

To join the course, it is required to have at least an Upper Intermediate level. The class has a maximum of 12 students with 22.5 hours per week, starting every Monday. The course is tough and challenging but also fun while developing the student being creative and organised in expressing themselves.

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