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Double Banking – New Timetables at EC Malta

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Because of the large intake of students expected to arrive at EC Malta  over the next few months, the schedule of lessons has now changed. The students are now divided into two groups: ‘A Bank’ and ‘B Bank’.

The students on ‘A Bank’ will start their lessons, on Monday at 9.30, have a 15 minute break at 11am and finish at 12.15. On Tuesday, the students will start at 2.45pm, have a 15 minute break at 16.15 and finish at 6pm.


As for the students on ‘B Bank’, lessons will start on Monday at 9.30am. They will have a 15 minute break at 16.45 and finish lessons at 18.30. On Tuesday, lessons will be held at 9am. Students will have a 15 minute break at 10.30 and finish at 12.15. The schedule for ‘B Bank’ students also alternates everyday which means that on Monday, Wednesday and Friday students have lessons in the afternoon, and on Tuesday and Thursday they have lessons in the morning.

double banking

The new timetable allows students the opportunity to enjoy the island during the entire afternoon, or to attend one of the activities held in the morning. For further details about morning activities, just ask any member of staff at East Reception.

Free lessons offered at EC, have also been rescheduled to fit in with the new timetable, so be sure to sign up, in the East Building on the first floor and join in.

If you still don’t know what bank you are on, you can check the board at West reception, in order to find out. Feel free to ask the Academic Office (West, 1st floor) for assistance if you need help understanding your timetable.

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