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Student Testimonal by Oscar Mauricio Carvajal Combariza from Colombia

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Yes I would recommend  to study english in Malta, especially EC Malta because it has a great building, excellent teachers, free lessons, the best methodology to teach and material to learn.  It has many good things,  special  friendly people.  It’s impossible to forget some teachers:  Desiree, Lizzie, Daniel, Pamela, Louis and Tristan.  I think it’s the best school – it’s modern, comfortable, it’s beautiful.  It’s central place to learn English.  It gives you many activities to enjoy and to learn English.  To teach in English is really important if you want to learn it!  Also you need to work hard at school.  My favourite hang outs in the evenings were Valletta, Paceville, Mdina, Gozo and many amazing restaurants.  There were a lot of EC activities I liked  –  free lessons, Christmas party, welcome drink and welcome dinner.  The most important is to ENJOY – you need to love English.  Before this course I hated English but I love it now!  To do homework is really important, to speak in English and to go to free lessons.  Library is fantastic!


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