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So you’re out for a beer with your mates, chatting away at your favourite bar. Being a Friday night, after a long week of arduous work, the drinks start flowing because hey, you truly deserve it. Drink after drink, the bar gets darker, the music gets better and, of course, the crowd gets thicker. Fuelled with Dutch courage, you get off the stool and make your way to the dance floor, strutting your stuff — there’s no better way to shake away the week’s stress, or so they say. A few metres ahead, this gorgeous girl is dancing with her friends. She looks mysterious and, intrigued, you make your way towards her, gingerly grab her hand, and invite her to dance. When she smiles at you with gleaming eyes, you can’t help but thank your lucky stars — you twirl and you dance, then the she says, “Hey, I’m Crystal, how about you?” That’s it, all of a sudden the room starts spinning and you kick yourself hard for not having taken the plunge and learnt English.

As sad as that (or any other, for that matter) may be, fear not, friend. In fact, although you may have missed your chance with Crystal, it is never too late to learn English and, who knows, you might meet a Mandy who sweeps you off your feet in the future and this time, yes, you’ll be able to tell her your name, too!

So many of our students have come to us tongue-tied and scared, with little to no knowledge of the English language. Little did they know that their life was about to change in the most radical of manners. Because yes, learning English opens doors to a myriad of opportunities one cannot even begin to imagine.

You may not be interested in sitting for exams or using English at work and, perhaps, you don’t want go on a holiday that involves only going to school and doing homework at home. In such a case, whether you’re looking to pick up some basic English or top up your level of English, a General English course is right up your street. You’re not the only one — in effect, many are those whose skin crawls at the thought of a run-of-the-mill language course, where more grammar and tests are the order of the day.

Yet, if you book a General English course with EC, you needn’t worry. These courses focus on providing you with practical English, arming you with an arsenal of skills and language that will get you through everyday situations and conversations.
You will no longer panic at the sight of a waiter coming your way and ordering food at a restaurant will be a piece of cake, and so will having a chat with that sweet old lady sitting beside you on the bus who insists on telling you all about her grandchildren. Because yes, the classroom is not the only place that provides you with learning opportunities — taking a such a course at EC will ensure that you learn the language in the most holistic of manners and, as if that were not enough, you will also make a plethora of new friends from all around the world with whom you will be able to practise your English and make memories which you shall, undoubtedly, cherish forever.

So next time, when you catch a glimpse of Mandy across the dance floor, telling her what your name is will only be the start of a lengthy conversation! …Who knows what your future will have in store. English is, after all, the only door that leads to such great adventures — coming to Study English in Malta will only make sure you get there.

Study English in Malta


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