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Independent, but never alone

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When travelling alone, you’re simply bound to stumble upon some obstacles. Were things to go wrong, or at least not in the direction you had expected them to go when planning your trip, you might actually end up regretting having made this particular step. This is even more true when you’re not only travelling for fun, but actually expect to reach some goals before this journey draws to a close. Yes, there’s no denying it – embarking on an English-learning trip is not exactly an easy feat, and surely not a walk in the park.
That is precisely why you need to be sure the school you chose to study at is truly willing to go the extra mile when dealing with students.
I can already sense you asking yourselves: “Why? What does he mean by that?” Well, quite frankly, the truth is that although you will indeed make friends while in Malta, your school remains your point of reference. If something happens, you have no option but to go to your teacher and ask for advice.
EC Malta has taken all of that into consideration. This school fully understands that not everything is as easy as 1-2-3! That is, in fact, exactly why each student who is here for a longer period of time not only receives 100% assistance from his not 1, but 2 teachers, but is also assigned a private tutor. This person will be there to help you with everything that you may be struggling with.
Are you having problems in class but for some reason you feel uncomfortable asking your teacher? Is there some skill for which you need further practice? Do you need to plan a rigorous programme of studies which will allow you to achieve what you had set your heart on? Then that is what you’ll be discussing with your tutor at your next meeting.
Your tutor may not be able to help you with your love life (mhm, well, possibly a tip or too…), but everything else will be seen to. They will help you meet like-minded people, correct your tasks and pass feedback on to you so that you can achieve your goals at a quicker pace.
Feeling independent while in Malta is great, but it is even greater to know that when a problem arises you won’t have to panic. That is what studying at EC Malta English School is all about. We want to assure you that someone will always be there – be it The Office (as is commonly referred to by the students), the teachers or the tutor…you can definitely put your mind at rest because you’re in (many) really good hands.
Be aware: you slack, you will be told off so as to go back on the right track; you’re doing well and you therefore deserve it, you will be pushed to higher levels with glorious feedback.

Independent, but never alone
Independent, but never alone

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