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Meet our EC Malta Language School Summer Leaders – Camilla from Italy

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My name is Camilla D’Ancona and I’m from Italy. I live in a small island, Pantelleria, not far away from Malta. This year is my seventh time in Malta. Malta is an awesome country. My first time in Malta was for a holiday and after that time I came every year as a student at EC Malta Language School to improve my English. After all this time I have a real little Maltese family which every year takes care of me. Besides wonderful people, Malta provides great landscapes (as the Blue Lagoon, which is my favourite) and good food like ‘’Pastizzi’’, that are typical tasty snacks. I love travelling around the world because I like meeting new people, new places and new cultures. I study different languages such as: Italian, English, French and Spanish. I love music and playing lots of sports. I used to attend classical and modern dance lessons, but now I usually play volleyball with friends and I am mad about football. I can ride horses and I really love animals. I am sociable and responsible.

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EC Malta Language School Summer Leaders – Camilla from Italy
EC Malta Language School Summer Leaders – Camilla from Italy


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