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EC Malta Language School student Lecture by Mika Sugiyama

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Mika sugiyama


Today’s lecture theme was travel. There are a lot of sightseeing places in the world.
At first, I was impressed Europe has old buildings, beautiful views and dangerous adventures. I would like to go there and see the beautiful views. For example, beaches and mountains. But, I can’t understand people who jump from high places.
Next, the teacher introduced Africa. A lot of animals live in Africa. There are a lot of animals in Madagascar. I think if I want to see animals I should go to Africa. Some other interesting things sandboarding. I would like to try it.
Next, the teacher introduced Asia. It looked nice at the beach and the sea. I lived in Asia but I don’t know Asia as a good place. I was surprised because it’s more beautiful than I thought.
I would like to go to a lot of places because I know there are a lot of nice views in the world. I listened to the teacher speak and saw a lot of photos, I would like to do an around-the-world tour.

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