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EC Malta Language School Student Testimonial by Helmuth Frick from Liechtenstein

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EC Malta Language School Student Testimonial by Helmuth Frick from Liechtenstein
EC Malta Language School Student Testimonial by Helmuth Frick from Liechtenstein


I enjoyed my time at EC Malta Language School because it was a great experience that allowed me to improve my English at this excellent destination. The people of the organisation were very kindly and helped me to solve every problem in an uncomplicated and highly competent way. EC Malta is well organized and has good, well-structured local facilities and utilities.

They showed us key points and places in St. Julians during the common Orientation Walk. These included meeting points, the bus stop, the pharmacy, the cash point, the gym, the beach and Paceville, as well as the shopping centre and the party halls.

One of the best ideas is the welcome dinner. All new students meet at dinner. ‘What’s your name?’ and ‘Where are you from?’ were the issues most frequently mentioned. Pizza and wine contribute to the good mood. An after party in a disco has completed the evening.

The teachers of EC Malta are very knowledgeable and they can explain the meaning of English words so well that I hardly needed a dictionary. I particularly good the group work, mostly in pairs. Learning English with proven methodologies was both interesting and exciting. I think the presence of the teachers is crucial. Some students learn more from the teachers than they would if they were to study on their own.

I had deliberately chosen to join a normal class contact with young, ambitious people, because they are our future and therefore it is important to deal with their thoughts, ideas and concepts. The composition of students from different backgrounds, cultures and religions was ideal. Nowhere else can you quickly find as much information about the various countries as from the natives themselves.

EC Malta has organized trips to historic sites and they informed us about Valletta and The Three Cities by night. A trip to the islands of Gozo and Comino is mandatory, of course. A visit of Mdina, the Silent City of Malta is highly recommended. I was fortunate at that time I was here, the Mdina Festival took place and shone a spotlight on life in ancient times.

The most important thing is talk to anyone and everyone, and let them speak only English! If you do not know what you should talk about, use the FORD methodology. That means – ask about Family, Occupation, Recreation and Dreams. Risk making mistakes, because errors make you smart! Stay young and curious! Never give up! Go to EC Malta to improve your English!

Helmuth Frick from Liechtenstein, age 63, 2 Weeks English intensive course


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