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LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ~ by English Language School Teacher Dion

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LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ~ Written by EC Malta Language School Teacher Dion
LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ~ Written by EC Malta Language School Teacher Dion

Life is beautiful

Sunshine, blue sky and a summer breeze.
Motivating and rejuvenating with great ease.
Living contently without pain.
Hoping it won’t come back again.

Endless opportunities for the taking.
Fondest of memories in the making.
Focus tranquilly on the task at hand.
Nothing stopping you from feeling grand.

Venture out, interact, socialise.
Feel healthy, wealthy and wise.
Obstacles may appear in your way.
Avoid them and don’t invite them to stay.

Being optimistic is a fresh state of mind.
It allows one to be universally kind.
Don’t let the jerks cramp your style.
Humour them, if only for a while.

Life is beautiful, there’s no doubt about it.
Life is beautiful, go ahead and shout it!

Written by EC Malta Language School Teacher Dionisius Peter Paul PIZZUTO – 2.5.15.

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