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ESL Malta… more than just an academic experience

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Every year, many students leave their home country and travel abroad in order to learn English, especially so during the summer months. Malta, a sunny island located in the central Mediterranean, is a very popular destination choice to study English as a Second Language (ESL) due to its crystal blue waters, sunshine and the high standard for English Education. With over 40 schools on the Island, ESL Malta programs cater for every level and age group, providing students with a holistic education with dedicated and friendly staff and teachers. Besides offering an excellent English education, EC Malta Language Schools also offer the students the opportunity to explore the gorgeous island and learn about its vast culture and history in leisure-time activities. These activities allow the students to further expand and enhance their English skills, whilst simultaneously meeting new people and making friends both local and foreign. EC Malta is one of the main language schools found on the island, with many years of experience behind the establishment and is located centrally in St. Julians, a bustling tourist hot spot. There’s plenty to do and see in Malta, making it an attractive location choice for students hoping to learn English and gain a lot more than a purely academic experience.


ESL Malta
ESL Malta

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