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Learning English in Malta: Sanober Khan

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Student Testimonial by Sanober Khan - EC Malta Language School CAE Student
Student Testimonial by Sanober Khan – EC Malta Language School CAE Student


“From my very first day, I felt at ease and really at home at EC. There’s no denying that its modern equipment and orange classrooms created an attractive and welcoming learning environment. In fact, on my first day at the school I was absolutely sure I’d made the right decision to go there. It’s definitely up everyone’s street if you are intent on learning!

The CAE course offered an interesting cocktail of listening, reading, writing, speaking and grammar tasks and activities. It was challenging, and at times really frustrating, but with a touch of British sarcasm and humour, my passionate and motivated teacher, Keith, turned every lesson into a vivacious and enjoyable adventure.

Were that not enough (to use his phrase), he encouraged me all throughout the course to improve my existing skills and to focus on my goal. So amongst other factors, it was his constant patience and support which led me to my success.

You know, before coming to EC I was really disappointed because my agency had told me that I wouldn’t have managed to get my CAE, but Keith saw potential in me and he really managed to push me to new limits. In fact, by the end of the course I actually managed to obtain the Cambridge CPE certificate! Oh my God, do you believe that? Proficiency level……when I was told I would barely manage to pass FCE. Keith and EC believed in me and helped me to excel!

I would like to recommend this school to everyone who is keen on discovering the fascinating world of the English language. It cannot be denied that my stay at EC Malta Language School enriched me with a treasure of knowledge which made my trip a precious and unforgettable experience of my life. Thank you!”

Sanober Khan – Cambridge CAE student (Swiss)

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