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Why choose ESL Malta at EC Language School?

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Why choose Malta to study ESL (English as a Second Language)? Simple! Imagine a small island surrounded by crystal clear water, an endless supply of sunshine, various beaches and fantastic food. Sounds heavenly right? Another great advantage is that Malta is an English speaking country. Hence, by choosing ESL Malta you’ll have the opportunity to meet up and mingle with both tourists and locals, which means you will actually get to practice speaking in English, which will benefit both your vocabulary and your fluency. EC Malta Language Schools will make your experience even more memorable by offering a wide selection of leisure activities, ranging from historical visits to themed parties, where you’ll meet students from all over the world. So choose ESL Malta and don’t miss out on this great opportunity as it’s the perfect place to learn and practice your English whilst experiencing the typical Mediterranean lifestyle with new friends.


ESL Malta
ESL Malta

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