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Colombian student talks about learning English in Malta

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Etny Kemberly - Learning English in Malta is fun with EC!
“I have been here for two month. This experience was really good and satisfactory for me. EC Malta Language School offers me the opportunity to improve my English not only at school but also outside, through the different activities that they have. The experience was not only the English course but also the activities we can do in Malta. We can meet new people and spend time together. Malta is a really beautiful country and it offers to us the opportunity to visit beautiful places. I stayed at Patricia Residence and the experience here was really good thanks to the possibility to meet people who come from different countries. The manager of the residence was also very helpful. If I come back to EC Malta, I will do a business course. It’s good to change country and know other places. My recommendations for EC Students are to practice English outside of the school and don’t speak their natives languages. “

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