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IELTS Malta – the first of many doors…

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Are you one of those people who wish to pursue further education in order to increase their opportunities in life? Would you like to read for a degree in an English-speaking country?

Yes, because there is simply no denying that education plays a fundamental role in today’s society, so much so that any job you could ever dream of applying for comes with an endless list of qualifications needed.

So why would you want to go to an English-speaking country and not do so at the comfort of your home? Well, the reason is rather simplistic in truth — in so doing you would be killing the proverbial two birds with the proverbial stone. How so, you ask? Well, that’s because going back to your country with a truly improved command of English will be incredibly fruitful. And let’s be honest with ourselves, saying “I was awarded a Master’s degree in XYZ from an English university” will always allow you to stand out from the crowd, especially if you say it in a slight accent you would have picked up from the locals…

Yes, setting your heart on such an achievement is exhilarating in that it will help you be more single-minded and, surely, more passionate about your studies.

Having said that, dreaming and achieving are not quite the same thing. In this case, in fact, you will definitely be needing IELTS if you are to make your dreams come true!

IELTS is an exam which will test your level of English and, depending on how good at it you are, you will be awarded a specific band. The higher the better, needless to say.

I would be lying, however, if I said that the band you will obtain only depends on your grasp of the language. There’s much more to it than that. By this I mean that IELTS is an exam that not only tests your English, but also your abilities in the four skills, namely speaking, writing, reading and listening. What makes it more challenging is the fact that the material you will be tested on is of a high level and will prove laborious in most cases.

That is exactly why you should book your spot on the IELTS course at EC Malta. We have teachers who really are an old hand at this and they will truly help you overcome these difficulties by guiding you through the nitty-gritty, by providing you with the formal and academic language you necessitate and, indeed, regular tests. This latter aspect will be a daunting task at first, but you will soon realise it is a blessing in disguise — in fact, when the time comes and you will have to go for your real exam, it will feel just like another test you would have very much got used to!

So take the plunge and choose IELTS Malta – our IELTS course is really second to none and it will not be long before you realise that yourself!

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