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“As a young adult, lucky enough to have been brought up in Malta, I have developed an appreciation for this country and it’s ways. It therefore only came as a natural choice to work as a social leader to show students a bit of our beautiful islands. In Malta we have two official languages: the unique Maltese language as well as English. Many Maltese, just like me, are brought up having English as a primary language. Apart from the pluses of being bilingual, I feel that English is one of the best languages to know since it is so widespread and commonly known in most places around the world. It is certainly an asset for any person of any nationality to have.

“As a hospitable community, the Maltese want to share in their knowledge and teach foreigners how to speak English too. This is the reason why English language schools were introduced in Malta. Such an example is EC Malta Language School which started off as a small local school and has now developed into an international chain of schools. What makes Malta an even better and more attractive location to learn English is the lovely weather which Malta is blessed with especially during the summer months. This allows visitors to tour our beautiful islands in peaceful, pleasant weather, specifically to enjoy the lovely beaches and the refreshing sea whilst at the same time practicing their English.

“So in order to help people from all around the world achieve English as a Second Language, Malta Language Schools are there to offer a fun, learning environment to make the most of this adventurous opportunity whilst enriching oneself with knowledge of a new language.”


Martina Cassar Torreggiani


EC Malta Language School
EC Malta Language School


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