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EC Malta Language School Testimonial – Polett from Hungary

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The first impression is always the most important moment in life. When I arrived to Malta, on my first day I knew I was at the right place. In the school everybody was nice and helpful. The lessons were really enjoyable and useful for my future and the atmosphere was always very comfortable. It was so easy to make new friends, since all the students were open and friendly, even if we met only once. It was a great experience to meet many people from different parts of the world, to learn their culture and their view of life.
I’m happy that I could see so many faces of Malta. I traveled to a lot of places and made hundreds of memories. In these 2 months in Malta not only my English has improved but also my personality. I learnt a lot about life and I feel like I found another side of myself. Now I have many friends around the world and I feel very lucky that I also have a family in Malta and no matter how far we live from each other, we will always be a family.
Thank you EC Malta Language School for this amazing time, I will never forget it!


EC Malta Language School Testimonial - Polett from Hungary
EC Malta Language School Testimonial – Polett from Hungary



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