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Onur : Why I would absolutely recommend Malta as an ESL Destination

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Onur Esen – ESL Malta turkish student


” I would absolutely recommend EC Malta. EC staff are really kind and helpful. They help me whenever I have a problem. I had many problems  because of roommates, but Stephen from accommodation always helped me with a smile – THANK YOU STEPHEN! It was both education and holiday for me. EC school knows very well about Malta activities and festivals so I can trust the school without any worries. I really like the educational system. Teachers try to give us something always. They are not too strict and very respectful. I’m really glad about my teachers David Evans and Ben Allison – they are the best teachers! In the evenings I like to watch Valetta by night from Sliema, Mdina by night and going to the cinema. My favourite EC activity was the Fireworks Festival on the 14th of August. It was the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen.  School transportation was very good! I would advise future EC students to take the extra lessons as they are very useful. I improved my English very much in just 3 months. I’m glad I chose the correct school. THANK YOU VERY MUCH EC MALTA “


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