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Fourth time at EC English School Malta!

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Fourth time at EC English School Malta!


Hello! It was my forth time with EC English School Malta and i want to say thank u to every person in EC! I was in EC for the first time when i was only 10 years old, this year i celebrated my #hot17 with friends from EC and social leaders) my ec experience was unforgettable. Some students write about «best social leaders», but after all leaders i have met i understood that all of them are amazing people. Some of them are kind of my brothers and sisters;) Last year me and my friend made a video for one leader*s b-day – Dario and since this time we communicate a lot with many EC staff))

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Actually, i want to join this big family in 2 years and become a social leader.
EC is a big part of my life and i really love it!

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Alice Sarvarova
Junior programme
Russia, Moscow

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