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"Psychic" EC Malta lecture notes by and EC Malta student from Colombia

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A psychic is a person who possesses or appears to possess extra sensory abilities
and it allows him/her to contact dead people, read minds or know about the future.
Also, they are influenced by all paranormal or supernatural activity and when they
have contact with dead people they work as a medium to the spirits so they possess
them and this allows the contact with the spiritual world.
Every psychic uses a different method to contact the other world or to read the future
such as tarot cards, crystal ball, palmistry or psychometry but also they can use the energy
of your body to break through your personality and also some psychics can use the seven
spiritual points that we have in our subtle or etheric body.
There are a lot of reasons to go to a psychics either out of curiosity, guidance or entertainment
but also it can be dangerous if you paid a lot of money for a simple session and even some people
become dependent and rely all their decisions on them. On the other hand, if you don’t take
it 100% seriously or you go just for fun it can be a good experience to have.

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