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Studying, learning and speaking English effortlessly at EC Malta 30+

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EC English School in Malta
EC English School in Malta

We hardly take much notice of it, yet there is no denying that when we do something, be it something we’re keen on or something we’re averse to, the environment we’re in affects us considerably.

Learning a language is no different matter. Actually, it is a well-known fact that when we are at ease, with both the place we’re at and the people surrounding us, our brain is free to focus on what we are being presented with. Yes, because when we need not worry about anything else, we can shift our attention to what we truly want to learn.

These are the facts that underpin the fresh, stimulating course designed by EC Malta. The so-called Club30+ programme at EC English School in Malta is aimed at people who want to come over to Malta, be surrounded by like-minded people and want to strive to improve their command of English in as little time as possible.

Am I implying that the other programmes are not as effective? Oh no, surely not. It’s just that they serve another type of student much better.

In fact, all I am saying is that people who have a career, people who have some experience of life want or, rather, expect to be in class with people who are able to speak of what life has offered them more freely, thereby making comparisons and learning from one another. They are more mature, therefore willing to have class conversations about topics which may be deemed too controversial, if not too challenging, by others.

Most teachers running these classes are absolutely delighted to be teaching Club30+ groups, and the reason for that is as easy as 1,2,3. It is pure fun! In such a class, a teacher will not need to waste time asking students to jot down some notes – no, these people are conscientious enough; they do it on their own. A teacher will never need to check if they’ve truly understood a grammar point or not, simply because these people know they are here to learn and if they don’t take it seriously they’ll go back with no improvement. In short, they care!

If you still remember, at the beginning I spoke of how important the learning environment is. Well, EC Malta has always offered the best structure in terms of physical building, but now it has gone to great lengths to make that even better. Being in class with people who are as single-minded and enthusiastic about learning as you are is something you will learn to enjoy. (To say nothing of the totally revamped floor dedicated to these classes, with a massive open plan for these people to be able to mingle during the breaks!)

Yes, that laughter, attentiveness and fun make for a fabulous learning environment is something that cannot be denied. After all, that is precisely why plenty of people are opting for a Club30+ programme, and claim to be over the moon when in class. It is also the reason why they shower us with praise once they fill in the feedback forms.

Book your spot and enjoy the experience!


EC English School in Malta
EC English School in Malta


EC English School in Malta
EC English School in Malta

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